Brand new never run! Fits AFR 24 degree BBC 357cc/ 377cc heads. Part number 6210. These retail for $200 each so this is 50% off.. cambridge , n3c 2 2262181939
Exact show quality reproduction of the extremely rare "Zwitter" dash ashtray knob, a period original accessory rarely seen today, now available only from Brezelwerks! Precision metalcast here in the USA, each is finished in high quality show chrome, this knob mounts to the flat panel of the dash ashtray similar to where the later oval window beetle knobs were located. Each knob requires drillin...
Block: Dart SHP, 350 mains, 2-pc seal, 4.155" bore Honed for special rings, RH dip Crank: Liberty, forged 4340, Ultra light at 45 lbs, pendulum cut Rods: Molnar Nascar forged 4340, narrow H-beam, 3/8" ARP 2000, 505grams, bushed, Pistons: RaceTec, forged 2618, 14.6 Comp w/ 64cc head,1,250" CH, Wrist Pins: High Carbon, .927" Rings: Total seal, 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 3mm, Top Gapless, Napier 2nd, 11lbs o...
600ci all aluminum ford engine.Bryant crankshaft,oliver rods,lsm camshaft.isky true roller lifters,DannyB belt drive.c460 heads titanium valves jessel rockers,sheetmetal intake dual dominators dry sump made 1164hp on dyno best et in a Top Sportsman car was 7.46 at 186mph asking 20,500.. brianl264. Malden, MA 02148 781-801-6425
Titanium 2.375 11/32 5.6L used 2pcs $140. Titanium 2.030 11/32 4.9L used set/8$350. Titanium 2.050 11/32 4.9L used 1pc $50. Titanium 2.050 11/32 4.9L new 3pcs $175. Titanium 2.020 11/32 4.9L used 1pc $50. Stainless 2.050 5/16 5.0L new set/8 $75. Stainless 1.600 5/16 5.02L new 4pcs $40.. buyer pays shipping. LYNNFIELD, MA 01940 7819108252
7deg used 1.375 or 1.500 OD $99/set. 7deg new 1.360 or 1.500 OD $125/set. 7deg used 1.500 1/2 set $40. 10deg new 1.500 $125/set. 10deg used 1.500 1/2 set $60. retainers above include steel locks. Double spring used 1.530 $75/set (B). Double 1/2 new/used 1.630 $125/setA). Double spring used 1.640 $100/set (D). Triples 1/2 new/used 1.630 $125set(C). all tested for # and for .750 lift. all sets in...
Certified to FIA homologation standards, the lightweight GP Race Suit features a fully floating arm construction and elasticated stretch panel on the back for excellent, anatomical performance fit. Featuring new aggressive design and exciting colorways, the GP Race incorporates an aramid two-layer construction for comfort and protection. Aramidic reinforced, elasticated lower back panel for unr...
Harland Sharpe BBC Rocker Arms P/N S2001, 1.7 Ratio, 7/16 stud with new poly locks. A couple have been chamfered for aluminum valve cover clearance. Replaced with diamond series and stud girdle.. Billerica, MA 01821 9786634370
Moroso Billet High Volume Oil Pump for BBC, used in great condition.. Tewksbury, MA 01876 (617) 930-0761
* 6061-T6 Polish aluminum clear coated * 102mm Throttle Body Opening * Velocity Stacked Intake Runners * Runner are 5mm smaller for faster air flow * 5.00" long runner length * 3mm thick aluminum * 15^ Front opening angle * 6-3/4" overall height * Finish comes in Clear anodized or Black * Tig welded. 876 Belmont Street Watertown, MA 02472 (617) 926-0608 617 926 0608
Brand New TSP Ignition system, These are identical clones of an MSD pro billet distributor with an adjustable collar, Ball bearing supports to hold 10,000 RPMS, Precision CNC 6061 billet body, fully adjustable mechanical advance. The box is a TSP 6Al with 145mj power, adjustable rev control, all wiring is cloned to MSD, also with the system is a 50 Volt coil cloned to HVC but has a better cooli...
Never-used Carbon Composite Racing helmet with two (2) spare unused Iridium Crash Visors. The Zamp RZ-44C Carbon Helmet offers exception value with a ton of features and carbon shell at a great price. The RZ-44C boasts a super lightweight carbon shell with maximum ventilation via the TRI-Tech Air System. The TRI-Tech Air Systems allows you to run natural air, forced air, and air plugs in the th...
part #762-91510 Set of brand new dynatech kit headers for dragster sbc, kit also comes with 3" collectors, cones, and tethers $350 plus the ride. stjgr6. pelham, NH 03076 6033215108
Set of brand new dynotech kit headers for dragster sbc, kit also comes with 3" collectors, cones, and tethers $350 plus the ride. stjgr6. pelham, NH 03076 6033215108
Kooks BBC 61202500 2-3/8 -2-1/2 step headers with 5 collectors. These are the straight back design, but used them on both my four link and hardtail dragsters. They have both Racepak EGT and O2 sensor bungs in all 8 tubes. The tubes have U shaped tabs, the collectors have flat tabs. Headers were used a few seasons with different collectors, so that's why the tabs and appearance don't match. Coll...
Hekimian Racing Engines, LS3 Aftermarket performance heads, 257cc intake,73cc exhaust, 336 cfm @ .600" intake port, 222 cfm @ .800", Manley NK-842 Stainless 2.165" / 1.590" valves with 8mm stems,Bronze valve guides1.265" Chrome/Silicon Liberty valve springs good to .625" max cam lift, 4140 Moly 7^ retainers, Manley Hardened 7^ bead locks, Clad / Viton (r) valve seals, Howards hardened steel shi...
Hekimian Racing Engines aluminum LS3 CNC ported intake, exhaust and chambers, flowing an incredible 385cfm @ .800" lift intake port, 273cc intake port, Exhaust flows 292cfm @ .800" lift, and has 120cc port, Manley stainless 2.205" intake valves and 1.610" exhaust valves, These are severe duty valves with 8mm stems, Bronze valve guides,Chrome/ Silicon Behive valve springs good to .625" cam lift,...
Hekimian Racing Engines SBF aluminum as cast heads complete pair, 180cc intake port flows 270cfm @ .700" lift and 182 cfm @ .700" exhaust flow, 60cc chamber, Made of high density 355-T6 aluminum, Hardened intake and exhaust valve seats, Stainless 21-4N 2.02" /1.60" valves, 11/32" stems, Dual roller valve springs good to .650" cam lift, 10^ Moly retainers, and CompCams 10^ locks, Clad / Viton (r...
SBC 23^ Hekimian Racing, Aluminum as cast 205cc, 64cc, 269 cfm @ .700" Intake flow , 193 cfm @ .700" Exhaust flow, Competition 3 angle valve job, 11/32" Bronze Guides, honed to performance spec, 2.02" / 1.60" Performance Stainless 21-4N valves, under cut for more flow, 2 angle back cut intake valves, Clad / Viton seals, 1.540" Dual Roller springs with damper, [email protected] " installed, [ema...
Sold as Pairs These heads are capable of making over 750 hp Description Hekimian Racing Engines Aluminum Heads, 360cc, 122cc, 371 cfm @ .800" Stainless 2.25" x 11/32" Intake valves, Stainless, 1.88" x 11/32" Exhaust valves, Dual Roller Valve spring good for .650" lift cams 1.540" Diameter, Steel 10^ retainers, 10^ CompCams locks, 7/16 Rocker studs, Clad / Viton Seals, Moly shims, Steel Guide Pl...
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